Safe And Effective Use Of Plastic

For the better part of the last few years, plastic has been given a bad name, and for good reason too. Most of you reading this now are probably more than aware of the negativity in regards to high and extreme pollution levels in which case plastic is being served notice of being among the worst culprits. But to be fair to plastic, it is not the material that is at fault. Rather, it is the user. And that could have been you.

It is just like they say about the tools that you are using. The tools are great. But they’re always only as good as their users. So true, same goes for plastic blades, those typically being used in the highly industrialized printing industries. There are those specialist machine minders that are turning to plastic as a primary material in the doctor blades being used still at rapacious rates. But they are not necessarily turning to plastic in droves.

A degree of caution is still being entertained. That remains commendable. But it has little or nothing to do with pollution and the lack of recycling and/or re-using initiatives. Indeed, printing presses need to be judicious in the way that they are able to recycle and re-use as far as possible. Because their business is one of the most costly in terms of material resources and rotating and operating machinery and equipment being used.

plastic blades

It can cost quite a few million to replace a single printing press. It remains costly having to replace doctor blades as well, particularly those composed of stainless steel. The machine minders, experienced journeymen that they are, are still learning the trade. Learning how to make more safe and effective use of plastic blades.