Moving into a new house you are given a blank slate.  Each room is wide open and filled with possibilities.  As we walk our house, we can start to imagine a table here, a chair there and even the events that we will have while living in our homes.  For those looking for different furniture options for the home you can have simple couches and chairs, or you can upgrade to gat creek contemporary furniture.  The choice is up to you.


When setting up your furniture you want to consider the views you will have.  These views can be of your yard and out large windows, towards televisions and other entertainment sources or just how you will seat people when entertaining.  The views that you have should be one of the determining factors of furniture arrangement.


The flow of your house is also important.  When placing furniture in the room you want to have enough room for people to walk and socialize.  If you have a restrictive flow, then people will have a hard time walking in the room or will just feel cramp and crowded.  If you have a good flow and useable space, then your rooms will quickly come together.

gat creek contemporary furniture

Attractive pieces

When deciding on the furniture that you have in your room you want to have attractive pieces.  This means that everything should have a universal look and feel.  If you have odd fabrics on your furniture or are using dark and light woods in the room, then these will become apparent and as such give a negative feel to the room.

Play with color

Start with the color on the walls.  From there have a hard wood floor, carpeting or some tile.  These elements will be the backdrop to your room.  From there the furniture should speak to you.